A lot of people are asking how we are getting on during the covid crisis so I thought I’d write a few notes on where we are now.

We know that many people have been physically, financially and mentally affected by the crisis – it’s a terrible time for lots of people for different reasons and our thoughts are with anyone badly affected.

It’s still a testing time to run an accommodation business but we are coping well so far and remain positive for the future.  Health wise we (and the local area) are doing well thankfully.

There are a few things that are helping us through this and here they are in no particular order:

1. Our guests – especially our repeat guests (you know who you are). Thank you for trusting us with your hard earned time and money.

2. Getting to operate at least part of the business from early July onwards. This has allowed us to minimise losses during the peak season.

3. We made some quick, fairly radical decisions.  Less than a year from moving into our house we’d rented it out and moved into temporary staff accommodation onsite.  The sole driver for this was to save money.

4. Our range of accommodation. While our shared accommodation is operating below normal levels our self catering options are popular as always.

5. The quality of our accommodation. During our time here we have constantly strived to improve the quality we offer. We have concentrated on this rather than expanding. Sometimes less is more and this is reflected in our reviews.

6. Government assistance. We know lots of businesses have fallen through the gaps and missed out but we have been fortunate to secure some of the assistance provided by the Scottish and UK Governments. This helped us stabilise our finances.

7. Support from the local community. We know many locals are unsure about the return of tourism during this pandemic and that this applies everywhere. We appreciate you trusting us to operate the business to the highest standards and protocols mandated by the Scottish Government and other regulatory bodies.

Although there is still a long way to go to get back to any sort of normality we are confident that we will be here for you when we come out of the other side of this. Undoubtedly some things will be different but we have constantly improved and changed the business during our 13 years and will continue to do so.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can once it is safe to do so. Take care folks.