Working hard to ensure your safety - we are Good to Go!

Welcome, we hope you are safe and well.  Here’s our Coronavirus news which we will update as the situation change.  This page was last updated on the 13th October 2020.

Currently only bookings from 1 household can be accepted in any accommodation in Scotland, please make sure your booking complies with this.  A household is people living together at the same address or an extended household as per Scottish guidelines.  Friends travelling together are not a household.

Until 26th October no alcohol can be served in a licensed premises in Scotland.  Restaurants, cafe’s and pubs can only serve food and non-alcoholic drinks inside until 6pm and outside until 10pm.

Until 26th October we can’t accept any more bookings from the 5 affected health boards in the Scottish central belt.  Existing bookings can go ahead but if you’d prefer to re-schedule please get in touch.

The whole world has been affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19.  We closed our doors to visitors on Sunday the 22nd of March just before instruction from the Scottish Government.  We opened the Cabins and Caravans on 3rd July and Hostel and Alpine Bunkhouse on 15th July.

The Alpine bunkhouse is available for bookings until April 2021 under tight regulations to ensure everyone’s safety.  The hostel is now unavailable until April 2021.  We are accepting bookings either online or via telephone for the Hostel and Alpine Bunkhouse from April 2021 onwards assuming restrictions will have been relaxed.

The Alpine bunkhouse can accept bookings for a private room with private bathroom for up to 2 or 4 people as long as you are from 1 household.  Bookings will be monitored to ensure we comply with the rules and so we will be able to offer use of the kitchen under strict guidelines. There will be a maximum of 6 people in the building at any one time.  No strangers will be allowed to share a room, and no booking can be for more than 1 household.  Masks must be worn except when in your room, eating or drinking (unless your room are the only ones in the common spaces at the time).

You can also book sole use of the Alpine bunkhouse for very reasonable rates of between £80 to £120 per night until the end of March 2021, minimum night stays might apply, again with a maximum of 6 people and 1 household.

We know you may feel nervous about travelling again.  Our wee communities here in Glencoe and Ballachulish have really pulled together and looked out for each other and are also nervous about opening the doors again to visitors from other areas.  To help put everyones mind at rest here is what we’re doing to ensure yours, and our, safety.

100% Refund Guaranteed

For bookings made DIRECTLY with us from the 1st of June 2020 and staying up to and including the 31st of March 2021 we guarantee to refund all monies paid to us where you cannot travel due to any lockdown issue affecting you or us, or where any member of your party contracting coronavirus/Covid-19, has to self isolate or has symptoms.

What we ask of you

If you show any symptoms of Coronavirus/Covid-19 before your visit please do not travel.  We will always work with you to move your booking to new dates.

If you develop any symptoms of Coronavirus/Covid-19 while you are staying with us YOU MUST LET US KNOW.  This will allow us to follow all protocols for making the accommodation safe again.  If you are unable to travel onwards you will be able to self isolate here.  The cost for this will be the standard charges applicable at the time.  You MUST follow all current legislation regarding this.

Every country, including the separate nations of the UK, have their own lockdown rules which obviously need to be followed as you travel.

We will contact you before 10AM on your departure date to ask whether or not you or any of your party have developed any symptoms during your stay.

We will be following all Scottish Government protocols on cleaning, social distancing and PPE measures.  We will ask that you do too.  Anyone staying with us who does not follow whatever social distancing/PPE/public health measures are currently in force will be asked to leave.

How will you clean my property?

Cleaning protocols are still being finalised however the provisional document is available here for you to read if you are interested although we will summarise it below.  We will be following all guidance and training all staff to fully comply with requirements for every property changeover.  This inevitably impacts on turnaround times – cleaning time per stay will double at least.  Check in times have been pushed back to 4PM.  Costs will inevitably increase.  All staff will be fully trained and retrained as the protocols change.

Summary cleaning protocol

  • If the weather allows please leave all doors and windows open.
  • All staff will be wearing full PPE.
  • All rubbish and recyling will need to be sorted properly as we will be unable to sort it by hand.
  • Rubbish and bedding will be removed.  Current Government advice is that you strip your beds and place in the bag provided, this is done to reduce airborne virus particles circulating around cleaning staff.
  • Freshly washed bed linen, towels, mattress and pillow protectors will be used for every stay.  A fresh duvet and pillow will also be used for every stay.
  • The property will be thoroughly cleaned to our usual high standards with, e.g., Flash, Eco Friendy Bleach etc.
  • Every hard surface in the property will then be treated with a viricide suitable for killing Coronavirus.
  • The curtains and soft furnishings will be steam cleaned.
  • All carpets and vinyl will be thoroughly cleaned and steamed.
  • We will exit the property disinfecting the final few surfaces (door handles etc.) behind us as we leave.  The sterilised key will be left for you (we will let you know where).

How do I check in when I arrive – will I see anyone face to face?

We will operate a remote check in so you will not need to come to reception.  All payments can be made in advance and we will contact you one the balance is paid to confirm your arrival and check in arrangements.

We will still be contactable, obviously, using the red emergency phone in reception.   Sterile wipes will be provided for you to use before and after calling us.  We will provide you with contact details before your stay.  We live onsite so are normally fairly close to hand!

What’s open

The Clachaig Inn, Crafts and Things, Glencoe Cafe, Quarry Centre, Quarriers Kitchen and The Laroch are all open.  Social distancing is in place for your protection.  The Loch Leven Seafood cafe are open for shop sales and an outside café.  Glencoe Mountain is now fully open.  National Trust Visitor Centre is open Wednesday to Sunday and Glencoe Folk Museum is also now open.

The local NISA convenience store is open in Glencoe Village from 1000-1500 7 days a week.  The Coop in Ballachulish (2.5 miles) is open from 0700-2000 7 days a week.

The hills and mountains are still open.  Please ensure you stay within your ability and comfort zone.  The voluntary mountain rescue teams are operating on a much reduced and slower capacity to protect you and themselves.


During lockdown our village has really pulled together as a community.  There has been a massive amount of work done on making the Glen and the village a fantastic place to come back to.  Work carried out has included gardening, massive amounts of litter picking all the way from the village and along the A82, repairing fences and bridges etc.  There has been a terrible amount of antisocal behaviour by some visitors breaking lockdown guidelines to travel to remote environments and this is creating huge resentment.  Please respect the wider environment.  Leave no litter.  Make no fires.  But most of all enjoy the spectacular place we are lucky to call home.